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In Christ Our Hope

Having a personal experience of who God is

Having a personal experience of who God is

So many times, we see Christians who do things or go places because someone else asks them to do it.  

How many times do we meet people who go to see a specific "man of God" or a particular pastor, because they have heard that it is where they will get their miracle?

A lot of people do not know God for themselves; they just keep relying on other people's experiences. They keep relying on the presence of the Holy spirit is someone else's life; they always want the pastor to be the one to tell them what God says about their situation or their life; they want him to be the channel between them and God when in fact they can hear from God directly.

When we look at the story of Naaman the leper, in 2 Kings 5, we realise that, Naaman may have been a bit like. He went to see Elisha because the servant told him he will get healed by him. He was relying on her faith. But when he got there, he now had to exercise some faith himself, and that was challenging for him. We can thus wonder whether he had the conviction that Elisha could heal him or not. Whilst the servant's faith about Elisha was unshakable, it was not the case for Naaman.

Indeed, when he gets there, he does not understand why Elisha does not come to see him in person, why he has to dip himself in the Jordan when there are plenty of "better rivers" where he comes from.

He does not display that childlike faith Jesus instructs us to have (Matthew 18:3). He is expecting something out of the ordinary and finds Elisha's instructions quite simplistic. Full of arrogance, Naaman takes the decision to leave the place. But God in His mercy allows the servant to reason him and he finally agrees to go to dip himself in the Jordan. This is when he realises the power and the might of God.


We need to experience the might of God

To understand the might of God, we need to experience it ourselves. We cannot live or get by, solely by relying on people’s experiences.

There comes a point where we need to experience the power and greatness of God for ourselves. And if you have not yet seen his power, it is time to pray and cry to him “Father Lord, show me, reveal to me how mighty you are!”

It is not enough for someone to tell us Jesus can heal us; we also need to be convicted of that.

When we humble ourselves, we begin to realise how powerful God is and like it was the case with Naaman, we are led to thanksgiving, praise and worship.


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